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Monday, September 27, 2010


get tag from dia !
1- Name one person who made u laugh last night?
OMG to many lah! haha
2- What were u doing 1 hour ago?
on9 and on9. haha
3- What was da last thing you said out loud?
4- Where's da next place you're going to?
kitchen to eat! haha
5- What was da last thing u paid for?
class picture RM0.80
6- Where were u last nite?
in room and on9. haha
7- What's da best ice-cream flavour?
OMG! ofcourse lah chocolate and vanilla mix with some crunch OMG OMG OMG
8- Do u wanna cut your hair?
..if long :D
9- Do u love to 'melatah'?
sometimes if i'm gediks
10- If that so(melatah), what will u said out loud?
bodoh lah kau. haha *melatah ke?
11- What does da last text-msg received say?
from XXXX: hoi tidor lah! haha
12- Will u get married in da future?
..insyaAllah if have a mate ;)
13- Do u chew on your straw?
=.=' takpaham
14- Do u make-up your own words?
sometimes sygs
15- Is there anyone u like/love right now?
ofcourse lah sygs . haha
16- Tag to other 5 bloggers/more

2 ribu orang sayang aku:

syaiza - chan said...

x de tag utk ceja ke?? ahakz..hehe..just kidding.. :p

Aliff Haikal said...

ceja : HEEHEHE. nnt kalau dpt tag , ekal bagi eyh